Versus Hearts

El ilustrador Dan Matutina encontró una manera inteligente de representar héroes populares de televisión, películas y juegos de vídeo, junto con sus adorables antagonistas. “Los rivales se odian entre sí, pero en el fondo saben que no podrían existir uno sin el otro.”


Joker / Batman

Joker / Batman

Skeletor / He-Man

Skeletor / He-Man

Darth Vader / Obi Wan Kenobi

Darth Vader / Obi Wan Kenobi ("Star Wars")


Dexter/Mandark ("Dexter's Labratory")

Bowser / Mario

Bowser / Mario ("Super Mario Brothers")

Shredder / Leonardo

Shredder / Leonardo ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles")

Mojo Jojo / Buttercup

Mojo Jojo / Buttercup ("The Powerpuff Girls")

Pig / Bird

Pig / Bird ("Angry Birds")

Giant & Man

Giant & ManI’ve been watching and reading Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) recently, and I’ve been really enjoying it. :) I quite like the manga more because it’s not overly dramatic as the anime. Haha. :) So here ya go, The Colossal Giant versus Eren Jaeger. 

Claw vs Claw

Claw vs ClawI think these guys will be rivals for life, especially since they both have the overly-haxed “healing factor”. :)

Parker & Pi

Parker & PiI know this is one day late. Happy Versus/Hearts Day everyone!!!I’ve been wanting to make a Richard Parker vs Pi after I watched “Life of Pi” last month. :) I really loved the movie. Yey!

Alien vs Alien. Predator vs Predator

Alien vs Alien. Predator vs Predator.Both of these guys are villains. But I had to take a side. Hahaha. I’m more partial to the Predator since it looks more badass. Who wouldn’t want to take the side of an alien with dreadlocks? :p

My favorite Cat & Mouse rivalry

My favorite Cat & Mouse rivalry

The Symbiote & The Spider

The Symbiote & The SpiderOne of my favorite Marvel crossovers was Maximum Carnage. :) It was great to finally see Venom and Spidey work together to battle Carnage. The SEGA Genesis game of the same title was also a favorite of mine. :)

The Snake and the Lightning

The Snake and the LightningI was never really a big fan of Harry Potter, but I read all the books. :) My favorite book was Prisoner of Azkaban. My favorite HP movie was also Prisoner of Azkaban and the other movie where Harry and Hermione danced. I thought it was so artsy. Hahaha. Can you guys guess what’s happening in this illo? :)Hint: It’s supposedly a magical phenomenon. 

The Egg and The Spike

The Egg and The Spike"Too Fast for the Naked Eye, Sonic the Hedgehog…" I used to watched the cartoon series when I was in high school. :) The games on SEGA Genesis were also one of my favorites. :)

Red & Blue

Red & BlueI was thinking of doing Loki & Thor, but decided to go with Cap and Skull first. :) I was never a big fan of Captain America, but I loved the old Captain America cartoon theme. "When Captain America throws his Mighty Shield…"  

Android & iOS

Android & iOSWhy be a fanboy of anything? :)

War & Peace

War & Peace“We make war that we may live in peace.”-Aristotle


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